Systems engineering

Continuous engineering in the age of IoT. Overcome the complexity of connecting requirements, design, development and deployment for an IoT-enabled, software-driven world.

Increasing the speed, quality and predictability of software development



Stringent compliance burdens and customer expectations require efficient development, testing and reporting processes. IBM® connected engineering solutions help Crane enhance collaboration among development teams and automate application development, testing and reporting lifecycles.

Enterprise asset management

Manage your assets, reducing maintenance costs and boosting lifetime. Optimize your assets, improving performance and reducing downtime, and upgrade your operations with AI-assisted optimization.

Efficiently maintaining airport equipment for travelers


Travelers to Toronto’s airport may soon see fewer inconveniences, as the facility aims to improve the maintenance and performance of escalators, moving walkways, baggage handling and more with a new solution using IBM Watson IoT™ Platform, IBM Maximo® and Arrow sensors and gateways.

Weather insights

Transform your connected customers' experience by delivering new products and services, AI assistants, vehicle connectivity for fleet and insurance, workplace safety, real-time weather and more.

Mitigating the impact of weather on critical decision-making


With a unified source of weather data across its aviation products, Boeing enables airlines to provide their operation centers and pilots with access to the same weather information. This facilitates collaboration and builds confidence in key operational decisions, resulting in fewer flight delays and a better flying experience.

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