Enterprise asset management (EAM)

Use IoT and analytics to predict civil infrastructure failure, provide data-driven maintenance strategies, and keep critical systems up and running. Reduce the high cost of inspection and repair.

Manage infrastructure maintenance with EAM and advanced analytics

South East Water

A mobile field management solution built on IBM Maximo® Asset Management and IBM Maximo Scheduler to support maintenance work plans. Proactively meeting customers’ expectations with live repair updates helped boost satisfaction and drive increased funding from regulators.

Asset performance management

Use powerful AI and analytics to minimize unplanned repair work. Increase asset availability, lower costs and reduce the risk of equipment failure with reliability-centered maintenance.

Improve safety with monitoring and management

Taiwan High Speed Rail

The rail company used Maximo to help provide an intelligent transportation system for safe, high-speed travel in Taiwan. With automated, rules-based workflow management, sensing and condition-based monitoring, the solution helps them address maintenance before it becomes a passenger safety issue.

IoT connectivity

Enable engineers and operators to use IoT data from connected civil infrastructure and cognitive analytics to make more informed, rapid decisions from any location.

Gain visibility into current conditions


ARTESP found it difficult to prioritize highway maintenance and management activities with little visibility into conditions. IBM analytics and asset management solutions helped them identify, supervise and resolve road-surface and traffic problems, improving motorist safety and convenience.

Solutions for other types of civil operations