Connected development for connected products

When product engineering and software development converge, products and systems in the Internet of Things (IoT) are delivered successfully.

Learn what’s really needed for IoT product development.

Product development teams can create and collaborate across the lifecycle

Continuous engineering for the IoT

See how the IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solution and IBM Watson IoT™ Platform help product engineers and developers use feedback to optimize product design and efficiently develop and deploy updates.

Systems engineering for the IoT

Find out how the IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solution helps systems engineers fully integrate information across disciplines to manage cost, quality and risk throughout the lifecycle.

Embedded software development

The IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solution helps software engineers respond quickly to change, keep pace with market innovations, manage increasing complexity and do more with less.

Agile and the Scaled Agile Framework® for IoT

Learn how the IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solution enables continuous business planning and continuous delivery grounded on agile and lean principles so you can achieve faster time to value and deliver the right things right.

Why Watson IoT

The advantages of using Watson IoT solutions for smart, connected product development.

Increase collaboration

Provides the tooling and process support needed for systems engineers, application developers and embedded developers to work together.

Reduce time to market

Enables the design, manufacture and delivery of dependable IoT products and systems at optimal cost and time to market.

Improve and evolve

Allows businesses to respond with agility to the ”new normal” of continuous evolution of connected products.

Create new business models

Facilitates innovation and leads to the creation of new business models for connected products.

Core products


IBM IoT Continuous Engineering

Engineering solutions that deliver capabilities to help engineers build the smart, connected IoT products that support business transformation.

IBM Rational® DOORS Next Generation

Strategic requirements management solution focuses on development lifecycle collaboration to achieve consensus and visibility. Available onsite and on-cloud.

IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Accelerate delivery of high quality software with agile and DevOps-ready collaborative development tools.

IBM Rational Team Concert™

Improve predictability and agility with one tool to collaborate across teams, manage code, run standups, plan sprints and track progress.