Change your game with IoT

Change your game with IoT

Transform your sport, reach performance goals and fuel your fans’ enthusiasm, while optimizing venue operations. All of this is within your grasp with the Internet of Things and cognitive computing.

Train with IBM Watson IoT™ and outthink your competition. Start winning now.

A competitive edge for USA Cycling:

“We cannot overestimate the impact that delivering data in a very, very potent time frame so that the riders have maximum takeaway after each effort.”*

* Andy Sparks, Director of Track Programs, USA Cycling

With IBM Watson IoT, you can:

Play like a pro, predict team dynamics and financial outcomes, optimize venue operations and create the ultimate fan experience

Improve player performance

Improve player performance

Enhance performance on and off the playing field and build a competitive advantage with IoT data. Place performance, biometrics and weather insights into athletes’ and coaches’ hands in real time and gain instant visibility into athlete fitness training and performance.

Create ultimate fan experiences

Create ultimate fan experiences

Provide immersive, interactive experiences that turn fans into loyal customers. Create a 360-degree view of the sports consumer as they interact with your content and that of third-parties; measure, drive and reward engagement; and gain deeper insights into fan preferences and behaviors.

Enable success for your team

Enable success for your team

Understand and manage your team in new ways, win more often and optimize ROI. The IoT can help create player assessments that automatically quantify team dynamics. You can also view, organize and uncover relevant insights to measure and evaluate individual and team performance.

Optimize venue infrastructure

Optimize venue infrastructure

Run your venue more efficiently to drive bottom-line profit and top-line revenue. The IoT can help make venues more productive, safe and supportive of the enterprise mission, meet fans' demands with pervasive connectivity in and around the venue, and align facilities to business outcomes.

Solutions for the sports IoT zone

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Learn how IoT technology can help sports venues

Use IoT data to transform training and the fan experience

Client success


USA Cycling

Puts power, biometrics and weather insights into the hands of coaches and riders in real time to increase competitive advantage

The Internet of Sporting Things

IoT technologies are bringing sports fans closer to the action than ever before

Connected soccer

IoT is changing the way we experience sports in the physical world. One example is connected soccer on the beach at Cannes Lions.



The anatomy of an ultimate fan experience

Improve fan engagement, team performance and venue optimization

SilverHook breaks world record

SilverHook rules the waves with Watson IoT, telemetry and the cloud. The powerboat breaks the endurance world record from Key West to Cuba in one hour and 18 minutes.

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