Assets and facilities

Prevent building equipment downtime, optimize space, reduce costs and improve sustainability. Expand profitability with a centralized platform for corporate real estate transactions and capital projects.

Optimizing facility management and space use worldwide

Facilities Management software helps increase space utilization

Dow Chemical

To support over 20 million square feet of space, Dow Chemical Co. had to overcome disconnected, manual facilities management processes.  By deploying the IBM® IWMS solution, facility use increased by 20 percent, saving approximately $4 million a year.

IoT connectivity

Building information modeling (BIM), green buildings and intelligent prefabrication are radically changing design and construction. Now IoT connectivity needs to be planned for, from the onset.

Digitalizing a large, dynamic commercial ecosystem

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port by cargo tonnage, is undergoing a digital transformation using Watson IoT™ solutions. As part of the solution, IBM IoT Connection Service is utilized to digitize port operations, delivering a centralized view of the entire ecosystem.

Worker safety

Transform your occupants' experience by delivering new features and services. These include AI assistants, weather alerts and location-specific safety insights.

Wearables enable real-time safety monitoring and prevention

Nation Waste, Inc.

Workplace dangers are of special concern in industrial settings. To keep workers safe and mitigate the cost of workplace injuries, Nation Waste, Inc. is launching a new division, Nation Safety Net, which will leverage a technology solution powered by IBM Watson IoT that helps workers avoid occupational hazards.

Solutions for other types of buildings