Assets and facilities

Optimize total cost of ownership, reduce costs and improve safety and sustainability. Expand profitability with a centralized platform for corporate real estate transactions and capital projects.

Synchronize your facility and asset lifecycles


Without consistent information management, the total cost of ownership across large infrastructure projects can spiral out of control. IBM’s EAM solution helps save  lifecycle costs, improves collaboration and eliminates excess hours of manual work for large-scale projects.

IoT connectivity

Building information modeling (BIM), green buildings and intelligent prefabrication are radically changing design and construction. Now IoT connectivity needs to be planned for, from the onset.

Smarter workplaces with real-time IoT insights

Tyréns AB

Tyréns is revolutionizing building management and boosting efficiency by deploying IoT sensors at its headquarters and linking them to its building information models and asset management systems, enabling smarter decision making across their facilities

Buildings insights

Learn more from your building by leveraging a broad range of sensor data to optimize building operations, improve energy usage and lower costs

Using real-time energy use data to make smarter decisions

Make energy simple with a conversational assistant

Learn how I•VIE enables users to control, converse with and understand their energy in an entirely new way. It’s a unique approach in using real-time energy data, integrated into appliance and other data for a complete picture of energy usage.


Solutions for other types of buildings