Buildings with the power of IoT

IoT is restructuring every aspect of a building, from construction to habitation to management. Use IoT data to make informed decisions to optimize the experience of occupants, staff and management. With asset optimization, better facilities management and occupant safety, smarter buildings can streamline business processes and expand profits.

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Commercial buildings

Optimize your maintenance processes, reduce your energy footprint and better manage your building space, providing an improved tenant experience

Industrial facilities

Upgrade your plant performance with real-time insights, predict equipment failure and improve production quality and efficiency, while keeping your workers safe


Create new opportunities, know your patrons better to deliver personalized experiences, and disrupt the hospitality industry with new IoT-driven solutions

IoT solutions for buildings

Watson IoT™ solutions for buildings can transform your business by connecting facilities with IoT-enabled infrastructure, streamlining operations with predictive maintenance, and ensuring your building occupants get an improved experience.

Asset and facilities

Prevent building equipment downtime, reduce costs and improve safety and sustainability. Expand profitability with a centralized platform for corporate real estate transactions and capital projects.

Used by: Financial managers, facility managers and maintenance crews.

Assets and operations

IoT connectivity

Building information modeling (BIM), green buildings and intelligent prefabrication are radically changing design and construction. Now IoT connectivity needs to be planned for, from the onset.

Used by: Building systems and component manufacturers, architects and civil engineers.

Worker safety and AI assistant

Transform your occupants' experience by delivering new features and services. These include AI assistants, weather alerts and location-specific safety insights.

Used by: Product developers and manufacturers of connected building systems and components.