Industrial equipment


Looking for more efficient production and better product quality? Use IoT and AI to analyze machines, predict outages and optimize your manufacturing equipment


Are you part of the digital transformation reshaping the processing industries? Boost productivity, increase safety and reliability across your enterprise with IoT and AI.

Power generation and transmission

Optimizing your energy and utility assets? IoT and AI can enhance your operational effectiveness and deliver safe, affordable and sustainable energy to your customers


Commercial buildings

Optimize your maintenance processes, reduce your energy footprint and better manage your building space, providing an improved tenant experience

Industrial facilities

Upgrade your plant performance with real-time insights, predict equipment failure and improve production quality and efficiency, while keeping your workers safe


Create new opportunities, know your patrons better to deliver personalized experiences, and disrupt the hospitality industry with new IoT-driven solutions



Deliver new service models to your customers and transform their experience by developing, manufacturing and maintaining connected cars


Achieve a competitive edge with systems development, and optimize fleet operations for safer, more connected planes and superior in-flight experiences


Take performance and efficiency to another level by turning trains into intelligent communications hubs for high-speed rail systems that connect and engage