Embedded software solutions to drive innovation

Embedded software is the foundation of value and differentiation in the fast-evolving connected devices that make up the Internet of Things.

IBM embedded software development solutions help adopt agile methods to meet customer requirements, model and test software architectures and designs, and deliver high quality code

Embedded software development

Agile collaboration, requirements management, modeling and simulation, quality management, configuration and change management, and more.

Software requirements management

Focus on building the software that the customer really wants by understanding their needs and responding with agility to change as it occurs.

Capture and manage requirements and traceability between development artifacts with IBM requirements management solutions.

IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation

Embedded software modeling

Increase agility by understanding, evaluating and optimizing your embedded software architecture and design through graphical modeling.

Verify models through simulation as changes occur to deliver higher quality software faster. Automatically generate production-level code.

IBM Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software

Workflow, change and configuration management

Achieve agile coordination across teams and locations, and provide precise, timely information to all stakeholders to drive development toward success.

Manage change and software configurations to efficiently build, reuse and maintain software assets.

IBM Rational Team Concert™

Software quality management

Link tests to requirements, automate test execution and manage defect resolution to deliver higher quality embedded software.

IBM Rational Quality Manager

Lifecycle visibility

Understand and stay on top of changes with deep visibility across the development lifecycle from requirements to test assets.

IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Project management

Work smarter and faster, increase productivity through collaboration, gain more visibility, accelerate time to value and obtain a single source of truth.

IBM Track and Plan

Client success


Crane Aerospace and Electronics

Crane Aerospace and Electronics reduces report times from days to hours with IBM continuous engineering solutions.



Ebook: Continuous Engineering for Dummies

Learn what continuous engineering is and how it can help you simplify the development of connected products.

Analyst report: Creative Intellect Consulting

Agile adoption in a European embedded technology provider.

White paper: Agile product development for the Internet of Things

Deliver high quality results while making product development faster and more responsive.

White paper: Agile Development - Why requirements matter

Learn how requirements management can add value in agile development projects.