Agile solution for IoT software development

The Internet of Things provides tremendous opportunity, but also challenge and complexity for developers of always-connected products.

This ebook details key engineering practices for IoT products, key implementation strategies and top mistakes to avoid in adopting agile product development. Learn how you can deliver a new level of connected products.

Application software development

Agile requirements management, quality management, collaborative workflow management, change and configuration management, and more.

Requirements management

Understand stakeholders’ needs, focus on building the right solution and respond with agility to change as it occurs.

IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation

Quality management

Link tests to requirements, automate test execution and manage defect resolution to deliver higher quality applications faster.

IBM Rational Quality Manager

Workflow, change and configuration management

Agile collaboration, workflow planning and management, and software change and configuration management.

IBM Rational Team Concert™

Other DevOps for IoT solutions

Bring business, IT and operations together to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Project management

Work smarter and faster, increase productivity through collaboration, gain more visibility, accelerate time to value and obtain a single source of truth.

IBM Track and Plan

Client success


Tangerine Bank


Tangerine Bank achieves 90% faster implementation with IBM DevOps to enhance customers' mobile experience.



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Ebook: DevOps for Dummies

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