Aerospace and defense systems are becoming smarter and more interconnected

To keep pace and stay competitive, you need the ability to make your solutions smarter – cost efficiently, quickly and with lower risk while still meeting compliance requirements.

IBM® IoT continuous engineering for aerospace and defense can help provide the answer.

Aerospace and defense

With IBM continuous engineering for aerospace and defense systems, you can:

Improve systems engineering and program results

CMC Electronics designed a new development process based on IBM continuous engineering solutions

CMC sought a new object-oriented, model-based process that would help comply with the DO-178C and ARP 4754A/4761 aviation industry standards.

Improve software delivery

Adhering to stringent engineering practices and increasing efficiency

Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems adopted a fully integrated development platform based on IBM® Rational® solutions — helping the company deliver high quality solutions efficiently.

Defense architecture frameworks and systems of systems support

IBM IoT continuous engineering for aerospace and defense includes UPDM support for architecture development to help meet DoDAF 2.0 and MODAF requirements. Defense acquisition lifecycle needs are supported through analysis, design, simulation, change management, configuration management and documentation of architectures.

Featured product: IBM Rational DOORS

IBM Rational DOORS® requirements management helps you capture, trace, analyze and manage systems and advanced IT application development.

Doors Next Generation and Mars 2020 Mission at NASA JPL

“Mars 2020 has been the foundation for making DOORS Next Generation our overall laboratory solution for requirements management and design management overall.  Because we're really able to interrogate the design. We're able to ensure we have full coverage and then we're able to trace it throughout the entire product lifecycle from design into the test program and on into operations when we get to the surface of Mars.”

— Tracy Van Houten
Project Verification and Validation Lead Engineer, Mars 2020 Mission
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory




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