New functionality


IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights

IBM Maximo® Asset Health Insights enables clients to manage the health of their assets using a wide variety of IoT data. It combines data from asset sensors and other sources like the weather, with asset records and work history, and then applies analytics to calculate health scores for assets. These scores can be used to advise maintenance and operations staff on asset status in a single dashboard.

IBM Maximo Anywhere

Maximo Anywhere is a single-vendor mobile solution designed to improve productivity in the field. Providing support for connected and disconnected scenarios, Maximo Anywhere is built on the IBM MobileFirst platform and provides rolo-based mobile applications so maintenance staff can perform work, asset and inventory related processes from smartphones, tablets and ruggedized mobile devices.

IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler Plus

Scheduler Plus is an advanced work management solution that gives businesses the tools they need to manage both field workforce and complex projects like shutdowns, outages and turnarounds. Businesses can now book appointments by using real-time data to match up technicians and customers based on location, availability and the technician's skillset. Weather data integration helps schedule customer appointments and maintenance tasks more accurately. Tools for managing complex projects help model and manage complex network dependencies in a single graphical view.

IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Maximo Health, Safety and Enviroment Manager integrates health, safety and environment processes with asset management to lower risk and create a safer operating environment. It provides key extensions to Maximo Asset Management for incident management, investigations, change management and regulatory compliance, and becomes the common thread between safety, production and quality.

Deployment options


Bring the power of Maximo to the cloud

For a limited time, existing Maximo clients can repurpose their support dollars for a new Maximo Software as a Service (SaaS) purchase and retain support for their current on premises implementations while they make the transition. This is ideal for those who want to gradually move to a SaaS model or experiment with SaaS for a small group or division.

At the end of the subscription period ─ usually 12-36 months ─ customers can continue with SaaS, or revert back to on premises installations with no reinstatement charges.

IBM Watson Analytics for Maximo: fast, easy insights from your asset data

Business leaders in asset-intensive industries can make better, data-driven decisions with IBM Watson Analytics™ — an intuitive analytics tool that integrates directly with your Maximo data. Simply bring in your asset or maintenance data from Maximo, explore that information for insights, and display the findings as dashboards or infographics for easy sharing. Watson Analytics is your new data scientist in a box.

Product education


IBM Watson IoT Academy

IBM Watson IoT™ Academy offers courses and training to give you the edge you need to maximize your IoT experience.

IBM Knowledge Center

Visit the IBM Knowledge Center to view demonstrations, review documentation, connect with experts and much more.


The Watson IoT support team provides education and assistance to clients.


With more than 3,000 clients using Maximo, there are ample opportunities to get involved with your peers for advice, best practices and support.


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