Maximo guided demo

Looking for a quick, visual overview of inventory, work orders, assets, service requests or contracts? This Maximo guided demo is the place to start.

Explore how Maximo Start Centers support each role: work events for immediate attention, KPI measures of progress-to-date and quick access to information needed by each role. See for yourself how Maximo equips your team with important inventory, maintenance and other information.

Video tutorials: Maximo in action

Report a problem

Learn how work order requesters can report problems.

Review new service requests

Learn how a maintenance supervisor can review a new service request.

Find work status

Learn how a maintenance technician can find out about his work.

Experience the analytics power of IBM Watson® for asset management

IBM Watson represents the leading edge of cognitive analytics: processing IoT data and other contextual inputs, redefining data exploration and uncovering patterns and insights previously unattainable.

Bring your data, and see what Watson can uncover. Discover how easy it is to upload a .CSV file containing your Maximo data and get powerful insights into patterns you might not have known were impacting your business.

Unlock the value of cloud for asset management

Deploying your asset management solution as SaaS can increase flexibility, make upgrades easier and lower your upfront costs. Download our SaaS Buyer’s Guide to explore the benefits of SaaS for asset management.

Let us help you find the right edition and pricing, for cloud or on-premise deployment.