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Find the tools and services you need to create your IoT applications including cognitive APIs, Weather Company data, Blockchain and more.


Analysts project by 2025, data from connected devices will yield insights driving potential economic value of as much as*

USD 11 trillion

* Unlocking the potential of Internet of Things. McKinsey & Company, June 2015.


Apply cognitive insights from IoT data to assets and facilities management.


Internet of Things is driving


of COOs to re-evaluate their operating models.*

* IBM Institute for Business Value: Thinking out of the toolbox


Create new business models, tap into new revenue sources, and disrupt competition.


Percentage of business leaders in the Electronics industry who say Internet of Things will reshape their organization’s brand identity.*


*IBM Institute for Business Value. “The Business of Things: Designing business models to win in the cognitive IoT.” December 2015.

Client success

BIM data offers great promise, but what does it take for it to really pay off?

Find out how IBM helped Ferrovial build a business case for linking building information modeling information with asset management data to help Heathrow Airport reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Financing can help design a cost-effective and convenient solution to put IBM Watson IoT to work in your organization.

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