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Now, it’s easier than ever to develop end-to-end applications using IBM’s Swift technologies.
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Breaking down barriers between
clients and servers all over the world

Project Overview

The Cloud Experience Lab embraced the introduction of Swift by working with other IBM teams to bring Swift to the Server. Now, it’s easier than ever to develop end-to-end applications using IBM’s Swift technologies. Users can experiment with Swift on the Server with Swift Sandbox; share Swift packages, libraries and modules with the Package Catalog; and monitor, manage and deploy end-to-end applications using the Mac application IBM Cloud Application Tools.

IBM Swift Sandbox

The IBM Swift Sandbox is an interactive website that lets you write Swift code and execute it in a server environment on top of Linux. Each Sandbox runs on IBM Cloud in a Docker container. Both the latest versions of Swift and its standard library are now available for you to use.



Some developers use Sandbox to learn Swift, while others use it to collaboratively debug or write many lines of code.


From the moment you start typing in Sandbox, it will autosave your code to your browser’s local storage, in case of a drastic browser emergency.


Sharing is caring! You can easily and quickly share snippets of your code on social media with friends and colleagues.


We are always listening to user feedback and watching our stats. We were excited to discover that people were actually trying to use Sandbox on their phones, so we have made the Sandbox completely responsive. The feedback was positive—developers are not only coding on their desktops but also on their phones from wherever they may be.


As of June 2016, developers from 133 countries have run more than 1.5 million code samples on this interactive website. Have you tried it yet?

Try The IBM Swift Sandbox

IBM Swift Package Catalog

Discover the many new Swift libraries, modules and packages created by the Swift community. The IBM Swift Package Catalog enables developers to take advantage of the benefits of the Swift Package Manager tools created at, by quickly leveraging packages.



Easily create and manage your Swift libraries, modules and packages using Swift Package Manager.


Contribute to the Swift community by sharing your Swift packages on the site.


Easily browse through the most starred, most recent or most essential packages to discover which is right for you.


Use the IBM Swift Sandbox to explore Swift packages. With one click, developers can jump from a package’s page on the catalog to the Sandbox, where they can run that code and easily experiment.


As of June 2016, just about 4 months after launching, there are now over 1500 Swift packages in the IBM Swift Package Catalog.

Try The IBM Swift Package Catalog

IBM Cloud Application Tools

IBM Cloud Application Tools (ICAT) is a mac application for users to manage, monitor and deploy end-to-end applications on Bluemix. ICAT provides a simplified way for developers to work on their Cloud applications without using Command Line.



Create and deploy sample applications to learn how to enable an end-to-end Swift application for Bluemix.


Use ICAT to easily create new projects, edit them locally, then deploy and manage them on the Cloud.


Keep track of your applications on the Cloud through local notifications and by monitoring logs.


Through analytics and feedback surveys, we discovered that the most popular projects for users to create were sample applications featured in ICAT. We are working to add many more sample applications, so users have an abundance of options for learning how to develop Swift on the Server and use Bluemix services.


Try it for free and get a 30 day free trial of Bluemix, IBM’s extensive cloud platform. Leverage IBM’s large collection of cloud services when creating your apps.

Download IBM Cloud Application Tools