IBM Logo Usage Guidelines for Third Party Event Sponsorships

The IBM Logo Usage Guidelines for Event Sponsorships outline the standards and requirements for your use of the IBM logo in your event materials and on Web sites. Because of your relationship with IBM and the legal agreement we share, IBM logo artwork files are provided for your use along with this document. If you work with an agency or creative department, please provide them with copies of these files and guidelines. Appropriate usage requires that the IBM role is clearly indicated by logo placement, prominence, and explanatory text. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please address them with your IBM contact.


Guiding Principles for Use of the IBM Logo

In the event of an inconsistency between the guidance in this document or any other document regarding use of the IBM logo, this document prevails.

  • Always include trademark attribution on the page where the logo is being used or in the legal attribution segment of the publication.
Attribution statement:
IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp.,
registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Do not create your own version of the IBM logo.
  • Do not change the size, color or proportion of the artwork provided.
  • Do not use the logo within the structure of a sentence, within a title, or in conjunction with another company's logo.
  • Set the letters (IBM) as text in these cases.
  • Always allow a “safe space” around the logotype that is equal to or greater than the height of the logo in use.
  • Do not place the logo on active backgrounds that may reduce legibility.
  • The IBM logo, if used as a linking device on the Internet, must always link to If other links within the domain are required, a "Go to IBM" button is available for download at: License and guidelines for its use are available at this URL. Hypertext links provide an additional linking option.
  • The IBM logo should not be used in any manner that might suggest IBM is the owner of the event. For instance, our logo may not be incorporated into the event identity, name or imagery.
  • The IBM logo should always be clearly identified as, or associated with text that communicates IBM’s role or contribution. For instance, when used it should be near a paragraph or statement about IBM and its contribution OR when used with multiple logos IBM should be identified collectively as such (e.g., Board Member, Sponsor).
  • The IBM logo should not be subordinate to, or dominant over, those of the other equivalent sponsors. For instance, the logos should all be equally important with no individual logo dominating the others. We ask for "equal visual weight" not equal size, since the size, color and shape of different trademarks will impact their prominence.
  • The IBM logo may not be used on any promotional items. If this is proposed, only an IBM approved and licensed vendor may be used to reproduce our trademark. Unless waived by our lawyers. Use of our logo on merchandise being sold at an event will require a license and involve payment of a license fee to IBM.
IBM Blue
Color Specification equivalents


PMS 2718C


Cyan 75%
Magenta 43%
Yellow 0%
Black 0%


Red 90
Green 135
Blue 197


Red 22%
Green 42%
Blue 70%

IBM Logos: Please note that there is a difference between the positive and negative versions of the logo. Both are provided below.

Logo formats

Do not forward or provide copies of any artwork contained in this document to anyone without the express and prior approval of IBM Corporate Identity & Design or IBM Legal Counsel.

The .eps artwork format

Provides high resolution, vector based artwork that may be imported into most high quality layout application such as Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.
NOTE: This format is NOT reliably read by Lotus Freelance, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word at this time.

The .jpg artwork format

Provides bitmap artwork for use in applications that do not reliably read .eps formats at this time. These include Lotus Freelance, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.





The .gif artwork format

Provides pixel based artwork that has been carefully developed to ensure the highest standard of reproduction in the "on screen" uses of the IBM logo. A variety of sizes are provided. Please use the size options available and do not scale up or down. This artwork may be imported into most presentation, GUI, and Internet development applications.
NOTE: This format is NOT appropriate for high quality reproduction, such as print, product identification, or promotional materials.