This is the key to becoming an insight-driven organization

By Richard Perret

About 50 percent of the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next 10 years. The companies that will be replaced are going to be the ones that were unable to analyze and act on their data quickly enough. Therefore, to become a disruptor in your industry and survive, you need to become an insight-driven organization and you need to focus on speed.

Most business leaders — 92 percent of them — know they need to rapidly gain insights from their data to compete, according to a Harvard Business Review report commissioned by IBM. They recognize that it is a high stakes environment. Uncovering the relevant insights in a timely manner maximizes your ability to effectively act quickly to propel you ahead of your competition.

Powerful processing is imperative

Generating timely insights from cognitive workloads requires lots of processing power. It is common for analytic queries to take hours or days to run on general-purpose, commodity infrastructure. This performance lag just won't cut it in today's competitive marketplace. Companies at risk are the ones that are unable to analyze and act on their data quickly enough.

This is where infrastructure matters. The IDC Worldwide Cognitive Server Infrastructure Forecast, 2016–2021, published in February 2017 (Doc # US42294414) recommends beefed-up processor performance, parallel processing, greater I/O bandwidth, flexible scale-out clustering or powerful scale-up capabilities. Additionally, hardware accelerators and flash storage have been found to greatly boost the processing of analytic workloads.

Infrastructure enhancements can turbocharge analytics, resulting in tangible business benefits. For example, Allegiant Travel needed more time to innovate and focus on rapidly delivering differentiated experiences for their customers. Using high-performance servers and storage, the company was able to reduce time to analyze large volumes of data from six hours to 15 minutes, while avoiding costs of approximately $1.2 million by doing more work with fewer processing cores than before. Watch this video to learn about their experience:

To become an insight-driven organization, learn how to put your data to work in real time.