Empower innovation with AI-infused IT services

By Dez Blanchfield

Industry disruption is in high gear. In fact, half of CIOs expect an influx of new competitors from other industries. Today's competition is often undetectable until it's too late.

This competitive market puts immense pressure on line-of-business (LOB) leaders to outperform, and they are looking to their CIOs to enable IT to help them make digital transformations.

Leading LOB

IT in the digital era mirrors business itself, balancing steadfast, reliable delivery with continual, rapid and iterative innovation. In the meantime, increasingly complex IT environments must accommodate faster business cycles with lower tolerance for error or delay. CMOs need to bring digital offerings to market faster and win clients by providing superior user experiences. CISOs need to gain complete visibility of their security and compliance posture and resolve noncompliance actions quickly. CFOs need to effectively monitor digital investments and meet budget objectives.

As a CIO, you can empower these executives to extend what's possible and remove blockers by delivering IT-as-a-service (ITaaS). An ITaaS model infused with cognitive capabilities can help companies meet ever-changing business needs, seamlessly integrate services at scale and deliver unmatched quality for accelerated innovation.

Driving disruption in banking

Take Danske Bank, for example. The Nordic financial services company, which has a presence in 16 countries, recently signed a 10-year IT infrastructure services contract to develop and implement a first-of-its-kind cognitive delivery platform.

The platform will allow Danske Bank to easily integrate existing systems and can be further used for development and deployment of new financial services. Danske's use of the platform will help ensure uninterrupted banking operations and significantly decrease the number of incidents affecting business-critical applications and users.

"After successfully testing a cognitive monitoring solution that is part of the new platform, we saw a significant reduction of server incidents," said Jan Steen Olsen, executive vice president and CTO at Danske Bank. She added the new platform "will help us act before an incident occurs and move us closer to an integrated, automated and always-on environment."

The power of cognitive and automation

Moving ahead, cognitive technologies and automation will become vital to helping enterprises manage IT and accelerate innovation by doing the following:

  • Autonomously managing IT operations to deliver higher service quality through error reduction and faster incident resolution
  • Autonomously governing IT to continuously optimize IT usage and cost
  • Providing a continuous cognitive health check to reduce operational and security risks

By 2019, 50 percent of CEOs plan to implement cognitive computing, and they're expecting a 15 percent return. The role of the CIO is changing from Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer. ITaaS can help you make that shift by freeing your time to reshape IT and enabling a new way of doing business. Empowered by cognitive capabilities, your organization can drive disruption.