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A global study of 3,250 business leaders on their sustainability priorities and influencing factors
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Top things to look for in 2024

Future-ready enterprises are made by the actions they take today. That’s why we asked Morning Consult, an independent research firm, to conduct a study of 3,250 global IT decision-makers and sustainability strategy makers around their planned investments, priorities and strategies to better understand what the sustainability landscape will look like in 2024.

Their findings reveal that your peers are actively embracing 7 key areas to operationalize their sustainability aims and achieve newfound business value. This report is a critical read for any organization looking to better understand what the latest drivers of success will be and how they can be applied to make lasting progress on sustainability goals.

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Trend 1 The perception gap

One of the biggest roadblocks to progressing environmental sustainability objectives continues to be data management. 65% of those surveyed cited measurement and analytics as a main blocker, implying that while many leaders may think their ability to track sustainability is “mature,” the reality is far more complex.

Trend 2 The critical lever: Integrating sustainability and digital transformation

Business leaders see a strong connection between IT and sustainability. Investment in this area is only expected to grow, with 79% of those surveyed saying that at least half of future IT investments are intentionally directed towards achieving their sustainability initiatives.

Trend 3 Business results from sustainability investments are on the horizon

Top-performing companies don’t make trade-offs between sustainability, social responsibility and shareholder value; they achieve all these outcomes at once. In fact, the top sustainability-related benefit leaders expect to get from implementing new IT tools are lower energy use (34%) and minimizing waste (32%).

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