Energy transition and climate resilience

See how you can use technology and AI to help uncover opportunities for optimizing energy supply and use, transform operations, transform grid operations and advance clean electrification.


Transitioning to low-carbon energy sources such as renewables, green hydrogen, and decentralized energy storage, requires electric grids to leverage transformational technologies.

IBM's approach to transformation starts with strategy and applies AI, IoT, and advanced data and automation solutions.

We support new business models, energy marketplaces, and enable efficient, reliable utility operations.


IBM Maximo Application Suite

Intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance in a single platform.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Proactively manage risks with timely and actionable insights on climate and weather data.

IBM Consulting: Decarbonization and Energy Transition Services

We ccreate solutions, platforms, market structures, and ecosystems that can help accelerate the journey to net zero together with our clients and partners.

IBM Consulting: Digital Infrastructure for Clean Energy

Modernize and digitalize energy infrastructure with proven expertise in AI, asset management and real-time data across the energy ecosystem.

Clean Electrification Maturity Model (CEMM)

Assisting electricity utilities with an open- standards model to identify opportunities and capabilities needed to thrive in the next generation of industry transition.

Energy transition and climate resilience in action IBM and Andel launch platform to accelerate energy transition Andel partnered with IBM to jointly create the IBM Utility Flexibility Platform that uses AI and blockchain technologies to help calculate energy consumption with a goal of creating a more sustainable, stable grid, and reduce energy costs without significantly impacting operations. Get the full story on how connected buildings are re-energizing the grid
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