Rethink marketing with AI
What if generative AI could help you create highly personalized content at scale, ideate with speed and automate repetitive tasks?
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Generative AI has the potential to fundamentally transform every aspect of marketing—and 76% of CMOs surveyed indicated it is essential to stay competitive1. Companies have long had the data to create hyper-personalized content and experiences, but marketers didn’t have the power to harness it—until now. Using the watsonx platform, IBM can supercharge your content supply chain with generative AI, so you can create brand-compliant, personalized content at scale, and seamlessly integrate it with your existing workflows and platforms.

IBM has been helping clients apply trusted AI in this space for more than a decade. With 21,000 skilled AI practitioners, more than 1,000 consultants in our AI Center of Excellence, and global premier partnerships with leading marketing and CX platforms like Adobe, Salesforce, SAP — we can architect the right solution, on the right platforms, to meet your unique marketing needs.

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Join us at booth #727 to learn how Adobe and IBM put Gen AI to work so that you can trust what you create, and create trust with every personalized interaction.

Read the report on AI-powered content
Reimagine marketing with AI
Reimagine marketing with AI

What if generative AI could help you create highly personalized content at scale, ideate with speed and automate repetitive tasks?

Case studies
See how marketers are putting AI to work Acing the US Open digital experience

AI models built with watsonx transform data into insight

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Create new value with lessons from the Masters can help businesses create new value



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Read the CEO’s guide to generative AI for marketing. Build an effective data-driven generative AI marketing strategy. Find out why AI is essential to transforming marketing.
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