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89% of C-Suite executives agreed that generative AI in application modernization projects will drive growth by improving existing products and services.*
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Advances in large language models and natural language processing mean that generative AI can now be employed for application modernization projects. As a result, developers can automate code creation, which can help make processes simpler and faster. AI-driven code transformation can help organizations reduce repetitive, labor-intensive tasks, thereby enhancing productivity and time to value, while also driving new growth and accelerating hybrid cloud transformation.

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AI for Application Modernization Webinar Series

Let industry experts help you reimagine what’s possible with generative AI for application modernization and IT automation. Watch the webinars to gain insights on how to start applying and taking advantage of AI for your business.

Reimagine application modernization with AI

Your developers, empowered. Generative AI can help them align technology goals with the business' vision to accelerate application modernization.

Rethink application modernization

What if generative AI could help you scale digital capabilities for a competitive enterprise?

Rethink code conversion

What if developers had a tool that could transform, migrate and modernize code?


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Generative AI makes high-value modernization feasible in areas that were previously off limits. Read the guide
Accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with generative AI

Hybrid cloud, driven by AI-infused automation, enables businesses worldwide to promote data security and accessibility for many new projects and types of analysis.

Maximize business outcomes with generative AI

The IT function can now advance business objectives, communicating with the whole business and avoiding problems instead of reacting to them. It's possible with generative AI.

Reshaping IT automation with IBM watsonx Code Assistant

Learn how IT organizations can narrow skills gaps and enable developers to write quality code with greater efficiency.

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* "The CEO’s guide to generative AI”, sourced via four proprietary surveys conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value in collaboration with Oxford Economics around application modernization, generative AI, and broader business challenges.