IBM at NHS Confederation annual conference and exhibition 2016
15-17 June, Manchester Central

Exhibition stand: 9

The healthcare industry is transforming, undergoing a rapidly accelerating and seismic shift -- towards value. To survive the transition, healthcare organizations need to understand the risks and trends within their populations; share knowledge and coordinate resources to improve outcomes and gain insights to help engage individuals in their own health.

IBM plays a critical role in this industry – our solutions, services and innovations are enabling the transformation of this industry all around the world. With healthcare data growing exponentially, much of it unstructured, IBM has developed a new class of cognitive systems to augment human capacity to understand – and constructively intervene into – our complex, emergent health systems, while building a cloud ecosystem for discovery, innovation and advancement to tap into new data sources.

With insights gained from over 3000 healthcare transformational projects, and working with 92 of the top 100 health systems in the world, IBM is enabling systems of health to become smarter, more efficient and personalized. IBM provides solutions, cognitive capabilities and technology for a changing world and it’s why we’ve invested into the Watson Health Core and the acquisitions of Explorys, Phytel and Merge Healthcare. Because the future of health, is the future for us all.


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