Predict and prevent equipment failures

Maximize uptime and extend the life of your assets.

Eliminating unnecessary maintenance
Today, 45% of maintenance efforts are ineffective. With IBM, you can learn from the data you collect from your sensors, controllers and equipment to optimize maintenance efforts, streamline your processes and prevent potential failures.

Increase productivity and quality

Gain operational efficiencies that increase quality and reduce costs.

Cognitive manufacturing with IoT
Now you can prevent potential failures and pinpoint efficiency improvements that reduce waste and fine-tune quality. Use cognitive computing and new forms of data — including video and audio — to help improve your operations in new ways.

Prevent supply chain disruptions

Gain better visibility of your partners and processes.

Unleash the power of Watson Supply Chain
It’s estimated that as much as 65% of a product’s value comes from suppliers. But when you combine the cognitive capabilities of IBM with your supply chain processes and external information (such as weather data), you can spot potential problems before they happen to preserve and increase that value.

Speed transformation and set your operation apart

Plan and expedite your path to Industry 4.0.

Internet of Things in the industrial sector
Go beyond the hype of IoT to outpace your competition. Let IBM help you build a personalized road map to Industry 4.0 that identifies which building blocks can deliver quicker results, while helping you derive optimal value from the assets you’ve already got.

Client successes

Michelin drives operational results

Michelin increased productivity by improving the reliability of its equipment worldwide.

Schaeffler: Digital transformation to keep the world moving

Redefining approaches for designing, producing and maintaining machines.

Detect Problems Early, Avoid Costs Later

IBM developed an early warning system to improve its own operations and help you avoid costs later by finding issues faster.