Disruptive digital technologies are fundamentally changing the travel operators business model, leading to physical and digital convergence. To stay relevant and evolve with traveler’s changing expectations, travel companies must be able to deliver a more personalized and responsive experience, no matter how the traveler chooses to be engaged.

How it works

PICO is the digital Integrated Commercial Platform that leverages the best industry practices and the advanced analytics capabilities to offer an agile solution that ensures a first-class seat on the digital arena of your travelers. It supports the entire sales process, covering all channels and spanning across multiple front-end systems.

How you benefit

Implementing the Integrated Commercial Platform will enhance the Rail companies with:

  • improved customer satisfaction
  • increased sales and revenue
  • faster time to market
  • rapid integration and high scalability
  • reduction of operation costs associated with ticketing
  • fast reaction to competitive challenges using price and promotion configuration tools

Success story

Trenitalia teams up with IBM to become the first-choice travel provider

Trenitalia is using PICO, the Integrated Commercial Platform developed by IBM for Railways , to create an integrated digital traveler experience with seamless journey planning and ticketing across all channels. PICO is an asset owned by Trenitalia and has been developed in partnership with IBM.

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