The Rail industry beyond the COVID-19 horizon

The Rail industry was not immune from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s been a gradual restart of travel and transportation. With countries opening up and demand starting to rebuild for both passenger travel and freight transportation of goods, organizations need to plan for recovery to help ensure long-term viability and success in a post-pandemic world. Technology-led innovation is becoming an essential condition of business continuity.

Reducing operating costs, increasing agility and alleviating customer health concerns are key to recovery. Introducing digital interactions between rail passengers and employees can help the industry beyond COVID-19. Through new technologies including artificial intelligence, cloud, mobile capabilities and vast industry expertise, IBM is best positioned to help the railroad industry accelerate recovery and succeed in a post-COVID world.

Rail industry case studies

Canadian National Railway

Uses predictive analytics to help save fuel, anticipate shipments and keep operations and trains running in near-real-time.

Gruppo FS Italiane

Creates a rail transportation mobility app with a variety of options as diverse as Italy's landscape.

JR West

Adopts IBM API Connect to offer operations data to create open innovation, be more cost-effective and improve productivity.

Rail industry solutions

Customer experience

When a rail passengers' journey includes multiple service providers, they expect a smooth customer experience.

Operations optimization

Leverage the power of data and AI to increase rail network operations efficiency and run trains on time.

Asset maintenance

Maintain and control rail infrastructure operational assets and equipment with enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions.

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