Solution areas

Anticipate traveler needs, improve operational efficiency and proactively manage and maintain assets

Integrated Commercial Platform

Anticipate your travelers' changing expectations to drive a seamless end-to-end customer journey.


Predict demand and optimize capacity, assets and infrastructure, and improve operational efficiency.

Asset Management & Maintenance

Maximize the availability of rail assets and infrastructure with proactive management and maintenance.

Who we work with

Canadian railway uses analytics to operate in near-real-time

Canadian National Railway saves fuel, predicts shipments and keeps trains on time with predictive analytics.

IBM Technology

Artificial intelligence

AI-driven insights help you understand large volumes of data to create better journeys for rail passengers.


Create one seamless, interconnected environment to keep devices and systems running smoothly.


Use AI-driven data and insights to move your railway into the future today.

Trends and news

Board the ideal railway customer experience

Explore how railways can use AI to provide seamless travel journeys, increase revenue and improve efficiency.

Attendants use app to boost ticket sales and efficiency

Train Tickets for iPhone empowers attendants with everything they need to provide excellent customer service.

Think Beyond the Rails 2025

Learn how one of the most important methods of transport is transforming itself now to meet the future head-on.

Explore dynamic solutions

Discover cutting-edge solutions to help keep your railway on track.