Heighten the passenger experience

Empowered travelers demand immediate solutions that they value. The IBM Travel Experience Index study uncovers how passengers rate carrier performance, and confirms that analytics-driven insights are critical to creating consistent, tailored experiences based on passengers’ wants and needs.


of airlines scored higher on service delivery than on digital interaction


of airlines scored 30 or less out of 100 on mobile performance*

Deliver on what connected travelers want

Cognitive intelligence makes sense of travelers’ history and profile data to deliver ideal offers — at the right time and place. Combining machine learning with world-class expertise, the IBM Travel Retail solution helps you learn, anticipate and act on each traveler’s preferences along the journey to win customer share and increase lifetime value.

How airlines are elevating travel with IBM

Alitalia users

Alitalia uses real-time weather analytics to lift comfort levels sky-high for happier, more relaxed passengers

Allegiant harnesses hybrid cloud data and analytics

Allegiant harnesses hybrid cloud data and analytics to understand every step in the traveler's journey

*Source: IBM Executive Summary, "IBM Travel Experience Index: Airlines." June 2017