Solution areas

Airline customer experience

Personalize the passenger journey end to end.

Operations management

Accelerate operational excellence with IOT and cognitive AI-driven computing.


Place comprehensive, AI-based insights into the hands of your mechanics.

Who we work with

Korean Air improves on-time performance

Watson™ helps maintenance and cabin crews report, diagnose, and solve problems more quickly.

Lufthansa eases the flying experience

iOS apps from Apple and IBM® help improve flight operations and speed up boarding procedures.

The sky is the limit for Allegiant Travel

Allegiant offers personalized journeys and full travel services with cloud-based data and analytics.

IBM Technology

Artificial intelligence

Optimize airline operations with insights and knowledge gained from AI-based solutions.


Connect devices and systems to keep operations running smoothly and on time with IoT.


Customize passenger experiences down to the tiniest detail using cloud-based data.

Trends and news

A new digital strategy

United Airlines improves efficiency and satisfaction by connective employees and passengers.

Personalizing airline travel

Use AI to better anticipate passengers’ needs and provide a stress-free journey every step of the way.

Deliver the extraordinary

Tap into the power of AI to deliver superior travel experiences.

Explore dynamic solutions

Learn how state-of-the-art technology can help your airline soar past the competition.