Delta Air Lines accelerates its digital transformation

Delta Air Lines and IBM announced an extended partnership to modernize applications with a hybrid cloud architecture built on Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Elevating the airline industry to the next level

As the coronavirus pandemic wanes, establishing and maintaining trust in flying will be key to getting back to 2019 levels of travel. As the industry adapts, passenger airlines and air transportation providers need to look at how they can alleviate health concerns without diminishing the customer experience. In the highly competitive airline industry, customer experience is a major point of differentiation – and digital, mobile-enabled, touchless travel experience is increasingly important during the current COVID-19 pandemic. To increase trust with both passengers and employees, enable an elastic business model and respond better and faster to market changes, major airlines must remove the constraints of the existing legacy architecture, platform, organization, development and operations approaches.

Major carriers need to take advantage of innovative new technology including AI, cloud and mobile to gain elasticity, agility and efficiency. Moving to an open hybrid cloud approach built on Red Hat® OpenShift® allows airlines to modernize operations with a deploy anywhere landscape and a consistent framework and process with DevSecOps. This shift lays the foundation for major transformational and competitive shifts to weather any crisis, ushering in the era of next-gen airlines.

Airline industry case studies

Japan Airlines

Sets a new standard for customer service in global airlines: Personalized travel recommendations based on customer information provided to the airline.


Chooses the power of IBM Watson® AI technology to accelerate its digital transformation, improve airline operation and customer service.

American Airlines

Becomes more responsive to customer needs with a new technology platform and a new approach to development.

Airline industry solutions

Customer experience

Leverage digital transformation to elevate the passenger experience.

Operation optimization

Improve operations efficiency and reduce cost.

Asset maintenance

Improve asset reliability with health insights from operational data and analytics.


Learn how state-of-the-art airline industry technology can help your airline soar past the competition.