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More than ever before, telco operators need to meet the growing customer demands and improve customer and agent satisfaction. Dynamic call center solutions offer the ability to resolve customer service issues across omnichannel options. This helps minimize the need for escalation and reduces complaints, improving customer engagement overall.

Integrating AI-enabled technologies and solutions leads to the ultimate goal of providing exceptional customer experiences whether they be self-service options based on automatic call distribution or incoming calls to center agents.



of respondents report an increase in customer satisfaction as a result of using virtual agent technology.


is the average contribution to human agent satisfaction attributed to virtual agent technology.


exceeded, achieved or expect to achieve their anticipated return on investment for their virtual agent technology implementation.

Call center solutions case studies


The new AI assistant, TOBi, understands over 90% of help requests, improving customer support.

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Call center software solutions built with IBM Watson® and AI help companies reduce costs and boost digital engagement.


Automating common help desk service inquires speeds up resolution times, increasing customer satisfaction by 10 points.



Streamline your contact center with AI

Increase customer satisfaction with artificial intelligence in your contact center.

When it's not enough to just automate

Been there, automated that – Enghouse Interactive reimagines call center automation.

Reinventing the contact center

Enhance customer satisfaction, empower support teams and reduce costs with AI virtual assistants.

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