How can 5G modernize your network?

IBM and AI cloud-based network virtualization delivers on the promise of 5G, “zero touch” automation to increase agility and reduce costs.

27 billion

Cumulative industry cost savings during the next 10 years

ten times

increase in internet traffic expected by 2020.

Expert insights

The future of network transformation

Digital service providers as we know it are changing. See how automation and network virtualization helps reduce costs, improve service and create happier customers.

Virtualization combats increasing demands

“We’re engineering and designing for another 10X growth in volume across the network. In fact, video traffic grew over 75% and smartphones drove almost 75% of our data traffic in 2016 alone.”

Sal Lipari, Senior Vice President, AT&T Integrator Solutions

Client story

Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications is using IBM Netcool Operations Insights to automate their network management and increase their fault management response speed by 40%.

IBM solutions to virtualize your network

Network on the Cloud

Accelerate your adoption of software defined network functions to increase new services and revenue at much lower cost.

Automation and AI

Apply AI-enabled automation to your network operations to efficiently manage your entire service lifecycle.

Network transformation

A network that thinks for itself gives you more bandwidth to rethink your business. IBM services can help you discover untapped potential and new directions to explore.

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