Create a consistent, personalized experience that crosses all channels and makes the customer feel in control. With a comprehensive portfolio of commerce and analytics solutions, you can build a complete picture of the customer—including their preferences, interests, and dislikes, to customize messaging and offers in real time.

How it works

By removing the silos that traditionally have separated different channels of customer interaction you can establish a cross-channel customer intelligence platform. This enables you to:

  • Quickly design and automate consistent digital customer experiences
  • Inform and promote personalized customer interactions in near real-time
  • Generate higher online conversion rates and order value
  • Deliver a seamless, personalized customer experience across email, mobile, web, and social

How you benefit

Omni Channel Engagement drives reduced costs through automated interaction and increased sales from precisely managed campaigns. More importantly, customers appreciate a cohesive and personalized approach to their service experience.

Success story

Telefonica Mexico transforms customer retention through insight into real-world performance

Telefonica Mexico implemented an advanced big data solution based on IBM Analytics Solutions for Communication Service Providers to deliver near-real-time insight via intuitive data dashboards.


Cognitive Network and Service Operations

IBM cognitive network and service operations help service providers reduce operational costs, improve network and service availability, and boost customer sat.

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