Take your organization’s network workloads from separate, appliance-based systems to virtualized appliances and services. Combine with real-time OSS to allow operations across physical and virtual networks. Cut the length of end-to-end innovation times with agile network DevOps which also enables rapid service delivery.

How it works

By converging network and IT into a cloud-based infrastructure, you’ll get capacity and agility to support tomorrow’s network, customer, and business requirements. With our Network & OSS Transformation solutions, and our network and operational analytics, you’ll realize:

  • One integrated hybrid cloud for networking & IT
  • Real time operations to enable orchestration and network operations
  • Agile DevOps to enable rapid service design, development, and deployment
  • Analytics to drive security with insight and oversight and enable reactive and proactive operations

How you benefit

Transform your organization into a streamlined organization that is better equipped to meet today’s challenges and achieve overall secure business agility with improved service velocity, CAPEX reduction through virtualization of network functions on commodity hardware, and OPEX take-out through analytics and automation in network operations.

Success story


Cablevision boosts loyalty and reduces churn by predicting customer satisfaction

Predictive models help Cablevision see the correlations between network service quality and dissatisfaction — pinpointing unhappy customers and revealing the root causes of their problems.

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