IBM Cloud is the platform for the next era of business guided by our three tenets: built for all of your applications, AI ready and secure to the core.

37 percent

average reduction in total cost of ownership among cloud adopters in communications.¹

How it works

Enterprise application (EA)

Speed up development and deployment of software-driven capabilities and services.

Multi-cloud enablement

Agile, secure on- and off-premise environments for your cloud strategy implementation.

Cloud innovation and media services

Integrate IBM and non-IBM cloud services to reduce IT operating costs and increase agility.

How you benefit

80 percent

reduced footprint for data warehouses.

15-25 percent

infrastructure savings delivered.

20-30 percent

reduction in IT operational costs.

Success stories


Accelerating reporting to deliver the best customer experience in its industry.

GameFly Streaming

Delivering an exceptional gaming experience powered by IBM Cloud infrastructure.


Using IBM Cloud to manage surging seasonal mobile traffic.

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Discover how IBM Cloud solutions can help modernize your Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment business.

¹ Source: Casey, K. (2017, August 11). Hybrid Cloud: 10 notable statistics. The Enterprisers Project. Retrieved from https://enterprisersproject.com