Build a foundation — one that’s based on personalized customer insight attained from data.

How it works

With the IBM Analytics Data Platform, telecommunications and media firms can optimally and dynamically manage massive volumes of data from an array of sources. Integrating structured and unstructured data, enterprises can interpret the data using cognitive computing to gain a personalized understanding of customers. This actionable insight identifies customer profiles that lead to new segmentation, behavioral trending and predictive models that can help determine best actions for campaigns, fixes and churn prevention.

  • Understand a customer’s broader context, complete with social network mapping, upgrade and purchase patterns, and even lifestyle preferences
  • Use deep insight to make recommendations that best suit your customers’ interests
  • Leverage immediate customer circumstances, such as weather, news events, location, even sports scores, using real-time contextual marketing
  • Tailor messages, channels and offers to engage customers at the right time for improved satisfaction and retention

How you benefit

Detect hidden patterns locked away in your data and accelerate business model innovation, product development, cost reduction and business partner interests. Use cognitive computing to understand, reason and learn from data and insights, making real-time decisions and improvement.

Success story

Where does AMC Networks get its audiences?

AMC Networks discovers what makes viewers want to watch the shows they create.


Customer Case Study

Cablevision Argentina was able to increase customer satisfaction by 50% and maximize customer loyalty by using sophisticated IBM Analytics software to accurately target service improvements and proactively address customer care.


Taking customer care to the next level: Transforming customer contact centers

Explore how exceptional customer care can be a catalyst for cost savings and profit, yielding benefits such as subscriber retention and customer advocacy.


A winning customer experience

See how to deliver engaging customer experiences — exceptional, personal and unique — to increase customer loyalty and advocacy.

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