Success stories

A cognitive slam dunk

The Toronto Raptors transform their talent evaluation platform with cognitive technology from IBM.

When fantasy football meets technology

ESPN Fantasy Insights with Watson™ offers players an edge by turning data into valuable insights.

A journey of digital reinvention

The US Open and IBM built a fluid digital experience that delights both players and viewers.

Data is the great equalizer for media and technology

Tap into your data with media analytics and build unique customer experiences. Speed up time to value with a single integrated data platform.

Digital reinvention to improve customer loyalty

Design unique customer experiences built from your data and leveraging the latest technologies and AI in media.

Infuse AI throughout your media and video

Get more from your media. Improve viewer engagement with exceptional video experiences, video analytics, delivery and monetization.

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Explore how cloud-based analytics and AI in media can transform your Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment company.

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