Straight talk from the C-Suite

Recognizing the importance of an engaging online customer experience is important in today’s technology-driven world but determining the best approach can be daunting. See how top C-suite executives responded to questions on the subject from IBM’s Institute for Business Value research team.

of surveyed CIOs are integrating AI technologies into their enterprises

of CMOs surveyed are planning to reinvent their customer experience with AI

Friend or Foe: Is your cloud provider using your data to compete with you?

Your data is what you use to create personalized customer experiences. Some cloud providers are viewing the data you store on their cloud and gleaning insights from it to become your competitor. Your data is your data on the IBM Cloud™.

From AI to ROI: When Playback Means Payback

Leverage artificial intelligence to discover opportunities to improve profit margins, achieve quantifiable efficiencies and produce notable return-on-investment results. With IBM Watson® Media solutions, there is a breadth of business improvement that becomes possible.

Client stories

Using advanced audience analytics, IBM helped AMC determine their perfect target demographic.

GameFly created an innovative streaming solution with IBM's Cloud technology to enhance the customer experience.

Together, IBM and MercedesBenz stadium in Atlanta redefined the fan experience with next-generation technologies.

Using IBM Watson, Autodesk developed a virtual agent to interact with customers in real-time.

IBM and the Masters worked together to develop a personalized digital experience for the Masters app this year.

Partnering with The Weather Company®, an IBM Business, NASCAR used real-time weather data to improve operational decisions and enhance the fan experience.

Watson Media

Watson Media analyzes media for text, audio and visual data, providing a deeper understanding of asset content and unlocking new capabilities throughout the media workflow.

IBM Cloud for Media & Entertainment

IBM Cloud optimizes cloud computing to help you deliver engaging digital media experiences on any platform at light speed.

IBM Analytics

IBM Analytics uncovers audience insights, using advanced analytics and cognitive solutions, to create personalized customer experiences.

Watson Marketing

Watson Marketing solutions can help you build relationships that drive engagement seamlessly across all channels.

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