Executive summary

Vodafone Qatar increases repeat business and boosts loyalty by using IBM Commerce solutions to deliver personalized marketing campaigns and offers to customers

After winning a 34 percent share of Qatar’s mobile market, Vodafone wanted to increase average revenue per user by nurturing the loyalty of its customers—but how could it create closer relationships?

Vodafone integrated data from all channels to build a 360-degree view of its customers, enabling it to tailor its approach to in and outbound marketing and deliver relevant promotions for every customer.

Vodafone uses tailored marketing campaigns that convert up to three times better than before—encouraging loyalty, incentivizing repeat business and boosting below-the-line marketing revenues by a factor of three.

“ Not only did the IBM team work closely with other vendors to integrate the new solutions with our back-office systems, they also provided invaluable support after the solutions went live. ”

George Bourazanis
Head of Insights and CVM Marketing, Vodafone


Established in 2008 as part of the Vodafone Group and headquartered in Doha, Qatar, Vodafone Qatar is a full communications services provider

Employing more than 500 people, the company serves 34 percent of Qatar’s population with mobile communications services, and generates annual revenues equivalent to approximately USD 527 million.

In order to increase their competitive stance, Vodafone wanted to drive average spend per user (ARPU) by nurturing customer loyalty. As many of its customers own multiple SIMs, the company looked for a way to stand out from its competitors by offering each customer the best offer at the right time.

George Bourazanis, Head of Insights and CVM Marketing at Vodafone, explains: “The high levels of SIM penetration in Qatar make communications a highly competitive marketplace, especially in the pay-as-you-go space. For example, customers may have two or more cell phones with SIMs from multiple different vendors, and will actively compare the deals on offer to decide which SIM to top up.”


Vodafone Qatar aspires to form one-on-one relationships with customers by identifying their individual needs and delivering unique offers

“ To excel in Qatar’s communications industry, winning customers is not enough—enterprises must nurture their loyalty with services and promotions that are relevant to their individual needs, or risk losing the opportunities to a competitor. ”

George Bourazanis
Head of Insights and CVM Marketing at Vodafone

George Bourazanis continues: “We serve a customer base with a wide range of languages, ages and cultural backgrounds, and each segment has unique preferences. A young professional calling their family back in Egypt will likely want to use their phone at a different time of the day to a customer with a family in the Philippines. Similarly, an ex-patriate from the United Kingdom may want to speak with our contact center in English, while other customers prefer to use Arabic or Tagalog.

“Previously, we used multiple different systems for our inbound and outbound marketing activities, which made it difficult to identify individual customer needs and deliver tailored messages. It also increased the risk of reaching out to customers at inappropriate times—for example, sending a special offer on mobile data to a customer that has an open ticket with our customer service team. To solve the challenges, we decided to build a unified approach to marketing.”


IBM Commerce solutions and Vodafone Qatar launch a diverse marketing platform with advanced analytics and campaign management options.

To realize its goal, Vodafone searched for a solution that would enable it to build and manage campaigns based on a single view of its customers, their preferences and their recent interactions with Vodafone.

George Bourazanis comments: “Like many leading brands, Vodafone aims to offer a seamless omni-channel customer experience. We felt that IBM Commerce solutions offered the optimal combination of rich campaign management functionality, advanced analytics and simple usability to meet our needs.”

Using IBM® Campaign, Vodafone’s marketing team can use events-based triggers—such as a customer topping up or a SIM balance rising above a certain threshold—to build timely and engaging campaigns. IBM Marketing Operations software enables the company to curate materials from previous campaigns, reducing time-to-market for new outreach and ensuring consistency in branding and tone of voice.

When new campaigns are ready for launch, IBM Interact software assigns the most relevant messages to each customer. Based on customer contact preferences and their recent interactions with the brand, IBM Contact Optimization software determines the appropriate channels for Vodafone to reach out on—helping to ensure that all messages are well received. And at the end of a campaign, Vodafone can visualize performance using IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence dashboards, gaining actionable insights to refine its future marketing activities.

Solution components


  • IBM® Campaign
  • IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence
  • IBM Contact Optimization
  • IBM Interact
  • IBM Marketing Operations


  • IBM Global Business Services®

To hit the ground running with its IBM solutions, Vodafone engaged expert guidance from IBM Global Business Services®.

“From the very beginning of our personalized marketing project, the IBM Global Business Services team demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of the project,” recalls George Bourazanis.

“ Not only did the IBM team work closely with other vendors to integrate the new solutions with our back-office systems, they also provided invaluable support after the solutions went live. During the first six months, the IBM Global Business Services team helped us to design and optimize our campaigns, and provided knowledge transfer sessions for power users in the business. ”

George Bourazanis
Head of Insights and CVM Marketing, Vodafone Qatar


Vodafone Qatar’s personalized marketing strategy proves to be three times more effective at driving conversions

With IBM Commerce solutions driving its marketing strategy, Vodafone is achieving its goal of nurturing loyalty and boosting ARPU.

“Thanks to the IBM solutions, we have gained a consistent view of every customer—whether they interact with us online, in store, over the phone or through any mixture of channels,” says George Bourazanis. “We now have a 360-degree view of our customers, which makes Vodafone Qatar the first operating company within Vodafone Group to be equipped with a truly omni-channel capability.

“Deeper insight into individual preferences enables us to share highly personalized offers at the right time to capture sales opportunities. For example, when a pay-as-you-go customer tops up, we can reach out immediately with tailored offers and incentives, such as discounted long-distance calls or mobile data plans. Similarly, if we see that a customer has almost used up their balance, we can reach out with an incentive to top up again—increasing our competitiveness.

“We recently compared our previous approach to marketing with the new strategy and found that it is three times more effective at driving up- and cross-sell conversion. This success is reflected at the bottom line; we have boosted below-the-line marketing revenues by a factor of three. And based on our strong performance to date, we predict that we will grow below-the-line revenues substantially in the near future—a substantial financial benefit.”

“ IBM Commerce solutions are helping us to nurture loyalty, encourage conversion and drive average revenue per user. ”

George Bourazanis
Head of Insights and CVM Marketing, Vodafone Qatar

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