Executive summary

In India’s hyper-competitive telecommunications market, it is critical that service providers maximize revenue from their current subscribers

Idea Cellular Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai, India, is one of the largest mobile services operators in India, with more than 160 million subscribers. With a network of more than 97,000 cell sites across India, Idea operates across 22 service areas with 2G and 3G services throughout more than 13,000 towns. When Idea needed to find new ways to improve customer service and drive new revenue from existing subscribers, they needed a solution that could manage the scale of their business.


Idea Cellular Ltd. wanted to transform its existing manual methods into a fully automated business process

Idea sought a solution that would improve customer service and customer satisfaction by creating and executing dynamic marketing campaigns designed to generate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and retain customers by increasing interest in the company’s products and offerings.


IBM’s solution provided Idea Cellular with the necessary tools to accomplish their goal

Handling millions of mobile transactions daily, Idea employed an information management and analytics solution to simultaneously synthesize and analyze continuous streams of data at high speed, from call detail records and text messages to customer location data from GPS-enabled cell phones and Internet sites. By analyzing large volumes of customer activity in real time, they can quickly predict which customers might leave for a competitor and present them with relevant offers to increase retention.


With the new campaign management solution, Idea Cellular has increased revenue by nearly 10 percent by using automated, segmented, and insight driven campaigns

The company has also used the solution to help it improve the frequency with which it provides its analysts with important customer segmentation information by more than seven times, from four days per month to daily, facilitating the availability of the latest data for campaign design and execution. Additionally, Idea has reduced manual activities by 80 percent with the new automated process.

Solution components

  • IBM® InfoSphere®
  • IBM Data Studio
  • IBM DB2®
  • IBM WebSphere®
  • IBM Global Technology Services®
  • IBM Global Business Services®
  • IBM Software Services for Information Management
  • IBM Business Partner SAS Online Techsys Pvt. Ltd.

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