Insights improve interactions

When call centers implement AI to make better use of their data, it helps transform how service is perceived and experienced.

sixty percent

More than 60 percent of failed customer service calls could have been solved with better access to data.

Client stories


The new AI assistant, TOBi, understands over 90% of help requests, improving customer experiences.

CenturyLink webinar

Learn how leveraging IBM Watson and AI can help telecom companies stay ahead of the curve, reduce costs and boost digital engagement


The company automated common customer service inquiries, speeding up resolution times and increasing satisfaction rates by 10 points.

Watson AI is shaping the future of customer service

Enhance customer satisfaction, empower agents and reduce costs with AI virtual assistants. Answer eight questions to see where you are in your AI customer service journey.


Transform customer relations with AI

IBM Watson Assistant® can help you improve first call resolution (FCR) quickly and easily.

Why Conversational AI?

Learn how conversational systems can improve customer service by automating tasks, augmenting experiences, and differentiating your business.

Conversational AI

Improve customer and employee experiences with market-leading conversational AI.

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IBV study: Reinventing the call center

See how you can evolve your telco call center and drive customer engagement with IBM AI.

Forrester technology adoption profile

The digital experience changes everything. Attract and engage customers on any channel.

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Discover how IBM solutions can help you design and implement exceptional customer experiences for your telecommunications, media and entertainment business.