Victorious or vanquished?

It’s time to reimagine your telecom business and rethink how traditional business is conducted. It’s time for a digital reinvention.

56 percent

of global telecommunications executives say that traditional value chains are being replaced with new models.

Solution areas

Drive network transformation

See how AI and automation can modernize your network.

Deliver a personalized customer experience

Learn how to optimize your customer experiences in real time.

Discover call center solutions

Increase caller satisfaction with customer intelligence and insights that enhance your contact center.

Who we work with

Vodafone delivers unique offers to customers

Creating closer relationships with customers is key to success in Qatar.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium delivers the ultimate fan experience

A cutting-edge IT system helps turn AMB Sports Entertainment’s fan experience vision into reality.

NBN automates network operations

With AI and machine learning, NBN Co is scaling operations quickly.

Komprise helps make your data smarter

With growing data volumes comes great opportunity.

Media City Bergen creates an environment for innovation

More than 100 companies work together to create award-winning content.

Sprint uses AI to stay ahead of customer expectations

Sprint uses Watson Marketing to enhance products, target offers and optimize customer experiences.

Expert insights

To stay competitive, TELUS wanted to bring new services, faster speeds, and improved reliability to customers. IBM Telecommunications VP and CTO Craig Ferrell discusses how IBM is helping the service provider transform its network in Canada.

IBM Technology

Reinvent your telecommunications, media and entertainment business with agile, scalable networks and platforms to deliver new and innovative services, improve the customer experience, and generate internal efficiencies.


Rely on the IBM Cloud™ to securely deliver your services and content, generate new sources of revenue, and transform customer relationships.

Artificial intelligence

Harness the power of IBM Watson® to make faster, more informed decisions about customer engagement and business operations.


Use data and analytics to improve the customer experience through personalization across all channels and services in real time.


Apply blockchain solutions to digitally transform your business with streamlined internal processes and increased transparency, generating new revenue sources.

Trends & News

Keep your creativity confidential in the cloud

Many cloud providers are viewing your data and utilizing insights from it to become your competitor. Learn more about the security and privacy of the IBM Cloud.

Transparency in advertising is here

See how Blockchain is bringing clarity and reconciliation to digital ad tech.

Global Industry Agenda

How can telecommunications industry leaders seize opportunities today to win tomorrow?

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