Change is the new constant and disruption is the new reality

There is a battle for customers’ limited time, advocacy and money. To fight off competitors, engage customers across channels with personalized experiences based on deep insights. Accelerate dramatic efficiency improvements. IBM solutions help you grow and retain customer bases, improve net promoter scores and exploit new offerings and channels.

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Digital customer engagement

Deliver personalized customer experiences with deep insight across channels for revenue growth.

Customer Insights

Learn, sense and respond to customers’ wants and needs.

Omnichannel Engagement

Stay personally connected with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Network and platform agility

Transform to agile, scalable networks and video platforms to speed delivery of innovative services and products.

Network & OSS Transformation

Drive agility and innovation, and help reduce costs and complexity.

Video Platform

Transform the way you entertain, learn and communicate.

B2B Enterprise Services

Create new revenue streams and be the center of the connected ecosystem.

Enterprise transformation

Build an optimized enterprise enabling core business excellence and cost reduction.

Business Process Optimization

Apply industry-standard models to speed enterprise process transformation and deliver business outcomes.

Systems Transformation

Accelerate transformation and time to market.

Cloud for IT Agility

Establish a foundation for innovation and growth in the digital economy.

See how IBM solutions have helped companies in the telecommunications, media and entertainment industries

Vodafone Qatar builds a unified customer marketing solution

IBM Commerce solutions help Vodafone Qatar boost below-the-line marketing reviews by a factor of three – and triple campaign conversion.

Atlanta Falcons enhance the live experience to personalize engagement

IBM helps the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium bring to life highly contextual, personalized game days for fans. That positions the Falcons brand to build year-round fan base engagement.

What makes a living network?

The network is nearing its limits, pushed to capacity by billions of connections. We're on the brink of either transformation or collapse. We need a living network, one that learns, adapts and grows to meet the market.


Become a “living” media partner

Read the IBM Institute for Business Value report on the cognitive future of media and entertainment.


A new day in the world of content

Cognitive computing can help media and entertainment companies unleash a new era of innovation and growth.

image of The Million Women March


The Million Women March

Two people who'd never met ignited a global movement that inspired millions through the network.


WIRED Brand Lab Report

Will today’s network still keep us connected in 2020?

Telecommunication, Media & Entertainment events

Mobile World Congress, February 26 - March 1, 2018

What if AI could help you deliver superior customer care? What if you could maximize performance – whatever the weather? What if you could create the ultimate fan experience? Learn how with IBM at Mobile World Congress.

Think, March 19-22, 2018

Think is for those who seek inspiration and education, reinvention and innovation. Connect with industry experts and achieve unprecedented results. Learn more about AI, cloud, data, security and systems, and discover what's possible.

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