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Thank you for your interest in IBM products and services.  The links above will guide you to your State Agreement.

Please be advised that your state may have increased or restricted the products and/or services permitted on your contract.  Prices reflect NASO ValuePoint unit of one.  Contact your IBM representative or an authorized business partner, found on your state page.

* Some links may lead to general product and/or service informational pages and may not reflect the IBM products or prices entitled to you under NASPO ValuePoint agreement.

Products & Pricing

Servers, Storage & Systems Software

The IBM Server/Storage product portfolio reflects MSRP (list) Price and this contract's minimum discounts per unit of one (1). Please contact your IBM or authorized reseller for further information, including additional discounts, maintenance pricing, tax exemptions, etc.

Buyers are responsible for ensuring their configurations conform to the contract or their procurement guidelines as applicable.


Software price files for Government customers

Prices reflect list price and this contract’s discounts per unit of one (1). Please check with IBM or an approved IBM Business Partner to learn more about discounts for volume or establishing standard configurations.

Buyers are responsible for ensuring their orders conform to their contract or their procurement guidelines as applicable.

   Distributed Software/Passport Adv. Product price file (XLSX, 779 KB)

   IBM Z Software price file (XLSX, 45 KB)

Maintenance & Services

 Maintenance and support services are available from IBM for all products eligible to be sold under your state's Participating Addendum. Prices are determined based on the products and options selected. The links below will take you to general information about IBM's maintenance and services.  Please contact your IBM representative or approved Business Partner for service options and quotes.

The Maintenance Portfolio below contains many but not all products eligible via this NASPO contract. Please contact your IBM representative or approved Business Partner for additional products.

   NASPO Maintenance Portfolio (XLS, 5.5 MB)

Support Services may include but are not limited to: warranty services, maintenance, installation, de-installation, factory integration (software or equipment components), asset management, recycling/disposal, training and certification, pre-implementation design, disaster recovery planning and support, service desk/help desk, and any other directly related technical support service required for the effective operation of a product offered or supplied. General consulting and all forms of application development and programming services are excluded. Check your Participating Addendum for any limitations on these services.

   Services Rate Card (XLS, 135 KB)

   IT training and eduction services information

Master Contract Details

This contract has been extended through 02/28/2023 per NASPO Amendment No. 6. signed 06/03/2022.

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