IBM Sales Performance Management

Maximize selling time

Improve sales performance and operational efficiencies with better management of incentive compensation plans and smarter administration of sales territories and quotas. Get faster insights with advanced analytics.

Learn the importance of SPM, its benefits and key components to consider.

IBM SPM solutions features and benefits

Manage incentive compensation better


Automate incentive calculations and online compensation statements with IBM Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). A leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams.

  • View dashboards and monitor key sales performance indicators
  • Build and automate sales incentive compensation plans easily
  • Handle inquiries submitted by salespeople who have a concern about their commission payout

Improve territory and quota management


Define and manage territories and credit by multiple sales criteria. SPM delivers flexible and collaborative workflow processes for territory and quota management.

  • Align territories and incentive compensation to motivate sales
  • Use a single source of truth for territory masters and hierarchies
  • Increase top line revenue and sales margins

Analyze and optimize sales

Evolve performance compensation management and sales coverage models as market conditions and business requirements change. IBM Sales Performance Management provides the analytical tools that allow you to make better strategic choices.

  • Understand the impact of plan changes through scenario modeling
  • Track and monitor sales performance with reporting and analytics
  • Uncover insights in sales plans and activities through data visualization
  • Data visualization: uncover insights in sales plans and activities    

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Customer success stories

Colt Technology Services

Banishing complexity and increasing agility for its commission program.

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

Creating a transparent, maintainable approach to compensation management with IBM.

Siemens Healthineers

Rebooting sales commission plans to the next level.


Preserving a leading market position with super-motivated sales associates.

U.S. Bank

Taking incentive compensation insights out of the vault for happier employees.

Zions Bancorporation

Quenching the thirst for transparent, efficient employee compensation.


Gaining global visibility of incentives planning for a worldwide salesforce.


Streamlining sales with IBM Sales Performance Management.


Helping sales teams focus on selling with transparent, accurate compensation.

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