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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management 2019
See why IBM SPM is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SPM for 6 years.


Gartner Critical Capabilities Ranking for Sales Performance Management
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Get Started with IBM Incentive Compensation Management Rapid Deploy

The IBM Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) rapid deployment service provides IBM expertise in partnership with your organization. It delivers the ability to rapidly deploy the ICM solution on the IBM cloud environment within weeks.  You can leverage pre-configured capabilities, reduce implementation cost and get a faster return on your investment.

The IBM ICM rapid deployment service is available in 3 editions including essentials, standard and advanced.

1. IBM ICM rapid deployment service – essentials edition: Provides a core set of capabilities as an essential foundation for your solution requirements.

2. IBM ICM rapid deployment service – standard edition: Provides additional capabilities that meet the needs of most organizations.

3. IBM ICM rapid deployment service – advanced edition: Provides the most comprehensive set of capabilities to meet more complex requirements.

The IBM ICM rapid deployment service is available in 3 editions including essentials, standard and advanced.





Suggested profiles

Deployment timeframe

~11 Weeks

~13 Weeks

~ 15 Weeks

1 – 250 payees




Compensation plans




Compensation components

Plan component assignment

Payee hierarchy

Payee eligibility

Transactional direct crediting

Transactional roll-ups

Split crediting

Credit aggregation and accumulation

Quota assignment and accumulation

Transactional attainment

Aggregated attainment

Target incentive

Transactional tiered commission

Quota-based bonus payout

Credit-based bonus payout

Manual payments

Prior period adjustments



Draws/minimum guarantees



Negative balance



Final payout


Compensation summary

Compensation details

Manager summary

Stack ranking


Compensation plan document



Management dashboard



Workflow processes

Manual payments


Payout approval


Exception workflow with status reporting



Web entry forms

Manual payments


Quota assignment


Admin process list

Payout verification process

Ad-hoc off-cycle payout


On-boarding payee process



Sales performance management: Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between SPM and ICM?

Sales performance management is the market and technology category that addresses the business challenges of incentive compensation management, territory management and quota management business processes.

What are some of the key features of ICM?

IBM Incentive Compensation Management solution is a single solution for incentive compensation, territory management and quota management. Key features include data integration, a high performance calculation engine, workflow and routing, automation, dashboards & reports, and sales analytics.

What deployment options are available?

IBM Incentive Compensation Management can be deployed as an on-premises solution or in the cloud as a SaaS solution. Customers can choose to deploy the cloud/SaaS solution in a single-tenant or multi-tenant environment.

Is there an SMB and an enterprise solution?

SMB organizations can choose the ICM Rapid Deployment Service to get started. For enterprises, with complex requirements, we offer a more tailored and comprehensive approach. Regardless of the size of the organization, all features and capabilities are available. Pricing is based on the number of payees.

Which industries deploy the solution?

IBM Incentive Compensation Management is an industry agnostic solution. Any organization with a sales team can benefit from its deployment. IBM has customers across all industries such as Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, High-Tech, Telecommunications, and others.

Are there any standard reports available?

Yes, there are standard reports available that are designed and built by applying IBM Design Thinking where existing customers provide input to help shape the development of the solution. For example, there is a standard report that provides visibility into a sales rep compensation statement.

Can the solution be deployed to support a global organization?

Yes. The IBM Incentive Compensation Management solution has been deployed by many global organizations and supports multiple languages and currencies.

Can the solution integrate with other enterprise solutions?

Yes. IBM Incentive Compensation Management can integrate with any enterprise solution such as CRM, ERP, HRIS, BI, and others. Data integration is supported through data connectors, JDBC, and API's. Data feeds are then scheduled to ensure data is imported /exported through automation and transparency.

Are there any APIs available? 

Yes. IBM Incentive Compensation Management has over 500 RESTful APIs available to customers.

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