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Enhance operations, promote sustainability and deliver a seamless omni-channel retail customer experience
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Shop owner explaining difference in denim jeans to customer in store
Strengthen the customer experience

Successful retailers deliver smooth customer experiences that leave shoppers eager for more. It's never been easy, but today, challenges like inflation, supply chain disruptions and changing customer needs have made it harder than ever.

Retailers who employ IBM Retail Technology can come out on top. As a leading technology partner, we know how to help merchants integrate and optimize technology, fuel growth and become more sustainable. By embracing modernization, we help drive innovation and make sure your business is ready for whatever the future brings.

IBM collaborates with SAP

IBM recently announced its plans with SAP to support retail industries and CPG clients manage store-level assortments, improve product distribution and sales using gen AI.

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NRF 2024 has wrapped! We’re left buzzing with excitement over the flood of news and announcements.
Generative AI for retail and consumer goods
From customer behavior prediction to supply chain efficiency and personalized marketing, AI has the potential to revolutionize the consumer and retail industry’s efficiency and productivity. Explore watsonx


Personalize omni-channel customer experiences with AI and virtual assistants
Reduce supply risks and costs

Intelligent automations can provide seamless supply relations management, inventory visibility and accurate demand forecasting, helping retailers achieve supply chain certainty.

Win the green shopper

Companies that can demonstrate sustainability in their stores, products, logistics, packaging, and waste can win and retain the growing market of green shoppers.

Innovate rapidly

Retailers often need to innovate within traditional frameworks—a flexible, open ecosystem and hybrid cloud can help companies devote more services to clients.

Enable a safe experience

Manage and protect your end users' devices and data to help them streamline the omni-channel experience.

Case studies Tag-Heuer

Confronting disruptions with a digital engagement engine: COVID-19 was TAG Heuer’s time to shine online.

Max Mara

How Max Mara redesigned order-to-cash for a better buying experience.

Farmer Connect

Farmer Connect used IBM Blockchain to bridge the gap between consumers and smallholder coffee farmers.

Insights CSCO roles transforming supply chains

With higher management profiles,  CSCOs now have more influence on their organizations' strategic direction.

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Five trends for 2023

How businesses must embrace chaos and take charge this year.  

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