Turning hyper-local data into insights to help improve millions of every day decisions

What if you could tap into hyper-local insights from socio-demographics, points of interest, events, weather and other external demand drivers to help identify where to locate your stores, determine the right product mix for each location and to streamline your supply chain in a blink of an eye? Now it’s possible with IBM MetroPulse®.

How your business can get smarter

Anticipate and address local demand

Deliver on high customer expectations with a hyper-local and predictive view of their needs. Get down to the neighbourhood level through the use of external data, combined with your enterprise data.

Generate customer intimacy with local data

Hear the experts from Albertsons, IBM and Incisiv discuss how to uncover hyper-local demand drivers to improve millions of every day decisions.

Unlock hyper-local retail opportunities

IBM MetroPulse has finely tuned “eyes” and “ears” that gather key insights, just like an owl. These insights are paired with advanced analytics to deliver product recommendations and forecasting.

Hyper-localize your retail presence with advanced analytics and 3rd party data

Learn about the need for change in demand and assortment planning processes and the unique opportunities offered by predictive analytics identified in a research study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by IBM.

Watch the webinar featuring a Forrester analyst as guest speaker to discover key insights about what data and techniques retailers and brands use in predicting and addressing local demand to unearth the full potential of hyper-local data and analytics.

Discover valuable demand insights driven by hyper-local data.

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