Rethink what's possible

At NRF, Retail’s Big Show 2018, IBM showcased marketing, supply chain and operations solutions to help retailers rethink what's possible and thrive – even in constant change.

Improve the store

From reducing queues to improving employee scheduling, find ways to optimize the store experience.

Streamlining store processes

See how one store operations manager uses IBM artificial intelligence to transform how the store does business.

What's Watson IoT?

Meet shoppers' expectations for authentic, personalized brand experiences, while keeping operational costs in check.

Redefine mobile for your company

Find out how IBM helped one company reduced its mobile app development costs by 30 percent.

Fully connect your store

Operations can be united from a single source. Connect across manufacturers.

Engage customers

Have a true omnichannel presence. Use data effectively to reach customers at every touchpoint.

Transforming marketing intelligence into action

Follow one marketer's story to see how IBM Watson helps her create engaging customer experiences that drive revenue.

The AI that loves fashion

Discover the only AI that was trained to be a fashionista.

Supercharge your success

Use the power of AI to create smarter, more personalized campaigns that deliver incredible results.

Make strategic marketing decisions – backed by data – fast

Take charge of the data chaos and get the insights you need to be a better marketer.

The modern commerce platform: what it takes to out-innovate the competition

Learn how to modernize your ecommerce platform so you can provide the type of omnichannel experiences your customers expect.

Conversational AI for the enterprise

Learn about the chatbots that have evolved into an essential part of corporate strategy.

Strengthen the supply chain

Gain greater visibility and transparency for a safer, faster, more efficient supply chain.

The tailor-made supply chain

See how one supply chain manager uses IBM cognitive intelligence to boost efficiency and visibility.

How is the weather impacting your business?

Turn weather forecasts into actionable insights.

Deliver hyperlocal demand insights

Are you utilizing neighborhood data effectively? Get insights down to the city block.

The Paper Trail of a Shipping Container

See how blockchain helps retail and consumer products.

The path to a thinking supply chain

When it comes to supply chain, see how your organization stacks up.

AI goes fashion forward

IBM helps a designer style the future of wearable technology.

Follow the speakers

IBM executives shared their thoughts at NRF panels and keynotes. Now continue the conversation online.

Michelle Peluso


Laurence Haziot

Consumer Industry Global Managing Director and General Manager

Stephen Laughlin

Consumer Industry General Manager

Francesca Rossi

AI Ethics Global Leader, IBM Research