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Customer engagement

Segment of one

Individualize every experience with customer behavior analytics.

Smart shopping assistant

Shopping made easy with your conversational personal advisor.

Seamless fashion

Visual AI completes the look, real-time order fulfillment completes the journey.

Supply chain

Deliver from store

Empower associates to fulfill orders with speed, accuracy, and same-day delivery.

Trusted supply network

IBM Blockchain solutions help build trust, traceability, and transparency in every supply chain interaction.

Optimized fulfillment

Maximize profit on every customer order with AI-enabled orchestration.

Hyper-local retailing

Uncover opportunities for profitable sales at each store with IBM MetroPulse.

Store operations

Empower associates, delight customers

Transform associates into advocates beyond the store with AR mobile.

Connected store

Improve customer experience and lower operating costs with IoT mobile insights.

Augmented store support

Maximize technology uptime with AR-enabled self-guided support.

Store digital insights

Drive footfall, personalize interaction, and optimize operations with AI.

Industry insights

Future AI-driven applications will be far more extensive than many consumer products and retail companies currently realize. The IBM Institute for Business Value shares these insights in their latest report.

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