Executive summary

Coca-Cola takes a back-end approach to enhance consumer engagement.

In the din of today’s crowded soft-drink market, brands need to stay relevant to consumers by engaging them more creatively, interactively, and personally. For Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. (CCE), staying ahead of the competition means constantly looking for new ways to connect with customers in order to maintain brand affinity.


Coca-Cola leverages IBM Cloud to better support engagement solutions and lower IT costs.

By optimizing its business systems to run in a global cloud environment, CCE dramatically reduced the time required to bring advanced new capabilities to local markets while driving down its ongoing IT costs. The solution ultimately lead to the creation of new forms of engagement because it facilitates CCE's effort to deploy advanced digital engagement solutions rapidly and at low cost in different geographic markets.


Coca-Cola was able to reduce time required to deploy new infrastructure and applications by more than 30%.

CCE put in place a low-cost and flexible IT infrastructure to improve its ability to meet the key competitive challenge of the industry: engaging customers in a more immediate and personal way. Given the importance of speed to market in the dynamic soft-drink market, the fact that the solution reduces the time required to deploy new infrastructure and applications by more than 30 percent empowers the company to be more responsive to engagement opportunities wherever they appear around the world. Moreover, CCE’s cloud strategy reduces its ongoing infrastructure costs while increasing its flexibility.


“We can deploy new platforms or applications faster than we ever could before, which is critical in the market we’re competing in today.”

Esat Sezer,

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Office


Solution components


  • DB2 Connect


  • GTS Strategic Outsourcing
  • Bus App Modernization


  • DB2 Express Edition
  • Consumer Products: Smarter Operations
  • IBM Analytics
  • Platinum
  • Virtualization

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