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Retail technology overview

The challenges facing retailers can be overwhelming. To persevere through these times and overcome the complexity in your business, consider the opportunity to rethink your business model and the role of the store. From powerful digital customer engagements and e-commerce to safer workplaces and more agile operations and supply chains, now is the time to unlock the potential for a more resilient and sustainable business model.

Retail technology case studies

Innovative snack delivery

Frito-Lay modernizes its e-commerce tools to simplify ordering, helping ensure your favorite snack is always stocked.

Faster resolutions, stronger relationships

Home Depot built a trusted, transparent supply chain with blockchain, helping make sure you can find whatever you need to complete your project.

From studio to screen

IBM developed a digital solution using IBM iX® to showcase the final collections of graduating students at the University of the Arts in London.

Retail technology solutions

Rethink the role of the store

Evolve the shopping experience using advanced retail solutions to meet today’s consumers’ high digital expectations.

Revitalize customer engagement

Let artificial intelligence help you deliver omnichannel marketing messages and offers tailored to your customer base.

Reinvent the supply chain

Retail technology solutions help you minimize the impact of events on your supply chain.

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