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An industry-first app that’s fueling a customer experience transformation at the gas pump

Kuwait Oil

Optimizes by connecting drilling and transportation assets to reduce downtime with IBM Maximo™.


Applies AI geology to rapidly determine drilling locations and transfer expertise to new employees.

How AI can pump more life into oil fields

Oil & gas industry solutions that use AI, data and analytics help optimize production to achieve a field’s full potential.

twenty seven

The average offshore oil & gas producer experiences 27 days of unplanned downtime per year.


Achieve the promise of Industry 4.0

See how oil and gas industry solutions and AI help you realize the benefits of Industry 4.0.

Build smarter supply chains

Discover how oil and gas industry solutions are helping innovate supply chain management.

Modernize enterprise applications

Unleash SAP enterprise data and transactions to keep pace with your business innovations.

Transform your business

Reinvent how you do business and compete by unlocking the potential of your data.

Trends and news

Exploring new possibilities with quantum

Quantum computing is changing how chemicals are designed and petroleum is refined.

Essential tactics to foster innovation in oil and gas

Bridging the gap between proficiency in execution and advancing innovation types.

AI-assisted acquisitions

AI and analytics help improve M&A performance in the chemicals and petroleum industry.

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