Reduce operational costs and increase responsiveness of your supply chain through enhanced visibility, predictive analytics and optimization.

How it works

Supply chain costs hold the most levers for optimization. By gaining effective visibility and insights into supply chain operations, you can gain significant and sustainable benefits from both a cost and a revenue perspective.

Our process industry expertise, combined with proven industry-specific tools and our Watson Internet of Things (IoT) solution, enables your supply chain to operate efficiently while opening new opportunities for expansion.

Adopting Blockchain technology drives transparency of product movements and financial transactions across the value chain.

How you benefit

This solution helps you achieve operational transparency and provides:

  • Enhanced tracking and traceability of inventory positions (including in-transit), leading to accountability, loss control, regulatory compliance and assured customer fulfillment
  • Ability to respond swiftly to changes in regulatory policies, safety requirements and other compliance aspects, particularly in cross-border movements of products
  • Alignment of manufacturing with supply chain, leading to production efficiency and flexibility
  • Enhanced prediction into market trends and customer expectations, leading to increased revenue
  • Improved ROI on research effort through better analytics of and visibility into B2B customers’ markets

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