Gain insights by automatically tracking globally deployed assets. Sensors collect asset attributes such as Location, Health, Status and Utility (value), yielding insights to help you decrease costs, increase revenue and create new business models.

How it works

Combining location information (from GPS tags attached to your assets) with legacy system information from your assets, this solution delivers advanced analytics to inform decision-making for maximum asset utilization, leveraging asset attributes such as Location, Health, Status, Utility (value).

Smart data discovery offers cognitive capabilities to help you find patterns in asset data using your own words, and offers starting points to guide you to answers.

Self-service dashboards enhance data discovery by displaying asset insights and infographics built from global asset visualizations.

Simple global asset analysis helps you uncover new insights to drive upstream performance metrics.

How you benefit

This solution increases upstream asset visibility and optimization by providing:

  • Asset location, which helps you determine transportation status, security and usage
  • Health thresholds monitored by BPM agents, which may lead to corrective action for urgent situations or asset replacement
  • Current asset status in its life cycle or business process, which can enhance automated business processes
  • Asset utilization readings, which enable accurate assessment of the utility Value delivered in comparison to initial capital, ongoing maintenance costs and transportation costs

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